I’m not one for New Years resolutions. But, as I sit, trying not to go crazy as my twingles have decided not to sleep, I’ve decided it’s ok to have goals. I am naturally a planner and a list maker. Lists are about the only thing I can legitimately control at this point in my life. Accomplishing what’s on them…mostly out of my control. But making them? I’m good at that.
So, here are the 52 things I’d like to accomplish work on in the next 52 weeks:

(Note: Blue means “in progress” and green means “I actually did it!”)

  1. Blog 52 times in 52 weeks (5/52)
  2. Watch 26 movies in 52 weeks (5/52)
  3. Watch 12 movies released since the twingles arrived (3/12)
  4. Watch Oscar winner
  5. Read a Pulitzer winning book
  6. Read 26 actual books in 52 weeks (audiobooks of novels no longer count) (1/26)
  7. Teach Pepper to read
  8. Potty train BaDow & YoYo Frog
  9. Take the twingles sledding
  10. Build a snowman with the twingles
  11. Write a children’s story
  12. Keep a list of all the names the twingles call themselves
  13. Play the piano with the twingles 52 times in 52 weeks
  14. Go 7 days without raising my voice at one of the twingles
  15. Take Pepper on a “date” every month (2/12)
  16. Date night with Mr. Man every month (1/12)
  17. Take BaDow on a “date” every month (1/12)
  18. Take YoYo Frog on a “date” every month (1/12)
  19. Go swimming with the twingles
  20. Celebrate Mr. Man’s graduation
  21. Celebrate Mr. Man finding a good job
  22. Visit Indiana/Cleveland
  23. Visit A&P in Seattle
  24. Visit B in Kentucky
  25. Call out of town family member (at least) once a week
  26. Do the Lifehacker savings challenge (see here)
  27. Do the house organization challenge
  28. Get a professional pedicure
  29. Go to the dentist
  30. Go to bed by 10 every night for a week
  31. Journal 5 times a week (by the end of the year)
  32. Learn calligraphy
  33. Complete a hyperbolic tiling
  34. Do yoga/meditation 5 times/week for one month (here is why this is nearly impossible for me!)
  35. Take 1 hour a week to do something just for me
  36. Go out with friend 1 time each month (1/12)
  37. Design a quilt
  38. Work through “drawing from the right side of your brain”
  39. Sleep in past 7:30…once
  40. Learn 12 guitar chords in 12 months
  41. Go to the chiropractor or for a professional massage
  42. Attempt to master something I find difficult
  43. Do not have any caffeine for a month
  44. No refined sugar for a month
  45. Try (at least) one new food I’ve never tasted each month
    Jan ~ Butterscotch Beer
  46. Make df ice cream with the twingles
  47. Create a gf/df recipe that doesn’t taste gf/df
  48. Find a gf bread recipe that I actually enjoy (this one is very flexible!)
  49. Brew homemade rootbeer
  50. Grow a plant (and maintain it without killing it for at least a month)
  51. Write down three good things from each day (25/365) Be grateful! 
  52. Make a new list for 2015

(Full disclosure: I got the idea for the 52 weeks list from this lady)